Nasal Implant Market Is Anticipated To Expanding with a 6% Over The Forecast Period 2016-2023 – Global Industry By Future Forecast and Demand Analysis

Global Nasal Implant Market Overview

Nasal Implant is a surgical activity to correct the deformities and plane of projection of nose by nasal bridge or filling in concave deformities which are often found in asymmetrical, injured, or misshapen noses. Several factors are considered to achieve successful patient satisfaction which includes deep analysis of individual nasal conditions along with the suitable combination of material and required techniques. These factors are strictly based on specific objectives to attain the proper appearance of the nose. In nasal reconstruction, careful decisions are made on choosing the types of material used to substitute for support. Implants are classified on the basis of their origin.

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Market Size & Forecast

The global nasal implant market was valued at USD 698.7 million in 2015; the market is further anticipated to expand with a compound annual growth rate of 6% over the forecast period i.e. 2016-2023.

North America dominated the global nasal implant market owing to high adoption and diagnosis rate, the region is anticipated to maintain its dominance over the forecast period. Western Europe is anticipated to be the second most attractive market in terms of revenue share owing to the rising cosmetic requirements and increasing geriatric population in the region.

The Asia Pacific and the Middle East and Africa markets are estimated to hold the upper hand in terms of compound annual growth rate. This is likely due to increasing expenditure on the healthcare sector and developing healthcare infrastructure in the region.

Autografts are harvested from the same patient, homografts derive from a donor within the same species, xenografts originate from another species, and alloplastic is manufactured from synthetic or semisynthetic materials. There are numerous reasons associated with nasal implants such as changes in the appearance of nose, nasal obstruction caused by an incompetent nasal valve and a lot more.

Since the nose is critically involved in the perception of the beauty of face both privately and publicly the patient pool for the nasal implants is increasing at a rapid pace. The development of sterile techniques coupled with the availability of ever-evolving implant material has provided the nasal surgeon with a wide range of choices when nasal implantation is indicated.

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Key Players

Allergan, Plc
Sientra, Inc
Stryker Corporation
KLS Martin L.P
Medartis AG
Johnson & Johnson
TMJ Concepts
and other notable key players.

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Growth Drivers and Challenges

The growing geriatric population coupled with the rising number of patients seeking relief from heavy snoring and sleep apnea is positively driving the nasal implant market. According to WHO, the geriatric population is expected to expand by up to 17% by 2050. 4.3% of the adult population is suffering from the problem of obstructive sleep apnea; increasing pool patients suffering from heavy snoring and sleep apnea will further increase the demand of titanium nasal implant this will further expand the demand of nasal implant across the globe.

Other factors boosting the revenue of the market include rising incidence of nasal tumors, esthetical rehabilitations which is expected to be the major reason behind the increasing demand for maxillofacial nasal surgeries and nasal implants over the forecast period.

Owing to the development of biodegradable techniques and drug -remitting nasal implants ( introduction of grafting and implanting material) there is a significant rise in the number of patients adopting biodegradable techniques for the nasal implant which will further boost the market growth over the forecast period.

In case of infections caused during nasal implant surgery, antibiotics intake is of no use the only way to cure the infection is to implant out the support material which could lead to another surgery, this restricts the consumers to adopt such medical practices and further restrict the growth of nasal implant market

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