Union Pacific Corporation (NYSE: UNP): Latest Statistics Makes Stock Even More Striking:

Press Release

The Services stock closed with direction of of its last trading at $185.32 while performing a change of 0.77% Gain on Friday, January 17, 2020.

Intraday Trading of Union Pacific Corporation:

If one intends to pursue a career as a trader, then one must understand and choose between two basic categories of trading i.e. day trading vs swing trading. Nevertheless, the eventual aim in the case of a day trader or a swing trader remains the same which is to generate profits.

However, the holding period and the technical tools which are being used to achieve the ultimate aim differ between the two classes of traders which will be the topic of discussion in this article. Besides, there are several other factors which a trader needs to take into account in order to select the conducive trading strategy and these factors include (not exhaustive) time invested, personality trait, size of the account, trader skill level and level of commitment among others.

Notable Indicators to Watch:

Union Pacific Corporation, a USA based Company, belongs to Services sector and Railroads industry. The Union Pacific Corporation has the market capitalization of $129.49B.

Its EPS was $8.49 while outstanding shares of the company were 698.73M. Shares outstanding are all the shares of a corporation or financial asset that have been authorized, issued and purchased by investors and are held by them. They have rights and represent ownership in the corporation by the person who holds the shares.

  • The number of stocks outstanding is equal to the number of issued shares minus the number of shares held in the company’s treasury.
  • It’s also equal to the float (shares available to the public and excludes any restricted shares, or shares held by company officers or insiders) plus any restricted shares.

Performance Review:

To clear the blur picture shareholders will need to look a little deeper. The Union Pacific Corporation has shown a weekly performance of 4.15% and monthly performance stands at 4.47%.

The stock has shown a quarterly performance of 13.22% and a half-year performance stands at 5.72%. Analyst recommendation for this stock stands at 2.3.

Technical Analysis of Union Pacific Corporation:

 ATR stands at 2.56 while a Beta factor of the stock stands at 1.08. As a result, the company has an (Earning per Share) EPS growth of 11.63% for the coming year. Company’s EPS for the prior five-years is valued at 10.9%, leading it to an EPS value of 10.1% for the next five years.

  • When you analyze a company’s financial health, the very first measure that you may want to check is profitability. 
  • The portion of a company’s profit allocated to each outstanding share of common stock is known as Earnings Per Share or EPS.
  • Though the interpretation of Earnings Per Share is relatively easy, however, the EPS calculation is not this simple.
  • Volatility is a statistical measure of the dispersion of returns for a given security or market index.

Volatility can either be measured by using the standard deviation or variance between returns from that same security or market index.

The Union Pacific Corporation remained 1.4% volatile for recent the week and 1.26% for the current month. The price target set for the stock is $185.92, and this sets up an impressive set of potential movement for the stock.

Profitability Ratios:

Looking into the profitability ratios of UNP stock, the investor will find its ROE, ROA, ROI standing at 32.7%, 9.9% and 15.5%, respectively. The current relative strength index (RSI) reading is 64.53.

SMA (Simple Moving Average):

 Its distance from 20 days simple moving average is 2.9%, and its distance from 50 days simple moving average is 4.59% while it has a distance of 8.51% from the 200 days simple moving average.

The company’s distance from 52-week high price is 0.62% and while current price is 24.3% from 52-week low price. As of now, Union Pacific Corporation has a P/S, P/E and P/B values of 5.82, 21.84 and 7.19 respectively. The UNP has PEG of 2.16.